Trind BoHo Vibes

Trind BoHo Vibes collection

Now that the spring has officially started, the nail polish collections with gorgeous summer colors are coming. The Trind BoHo Vibes collection consists of beautiful, happy colors. Join me to see the swatches?

With the BoHo Vibes collection, Trind takes you to sunny Ibiza with its beautiful nature and colorful markets. The BoHo Vibes collection is a limited edition consisting of six brilliant colors ranging from a beautiful pastel pink to the ever classic red color.


Las Dalias

Trind BoHo Vibes Las Dalias bottle

Las Dalias is a youthful but refined soft pink color. If you do not want to wear a lot of color but you want a well-cared, manicured look, Las Dalias is your color. Named after one of the most popular markets on Ibiza.”

Trind BoHo Vibes Las Dalias hand holding bottle

Las Dalias has a very nice formula. Pastel colors may sometimes be somewhat chalky, but this beautiful pink Las Dalias does not suffer from that issue. With only two layers, you have a completely opaque result. On this swatch, I did not use a so-called color booster, a white base color that gives the overhead color more intensity, which is absolutely not necessary in this case.

Es Vedra

Trind BoHo Vibes Es Vedra bottle

“Es Vedra is a surprising light green nail polish, a color that radiates summer. Of course, you need some attitude to wear this color, but you’ll absolutely love it. Es Vedra is named after the beautiful green mythical Island off the south-western coast of Ibiza. “

Trind BoHo Vibes Es Vedra hand holding bottle

I really love this color, it is beautiful and also quite subtle. The formula is insanely good, with only one layer it is completely opaque. The nail polish is self levelling, giving you a very smooth mamnicure.

Happy Hippie

Trind BoHo Vibes Happy Hippie bottle

“It’s not summer until your nails are painted fuchsia for the first time. Happy Hippie is the perfect summer color. The color is beautiful on both your hands and feet. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s Happy Hippie!”

Trind BoHo Vibes Happy Hippie hand holding bottle

Fuchsia is the perfect summer color, very bright and cheerful. I like wearing this kind of colors during the summer. The formula of Happy Hippie is very nice, on the swatch you only see a thin layer without the use of a color booster. One layer is sufficient for an evenly opaque whole, because of the self-leveling effect, the nail polish leaves a smooth surface.

Balearic Blue

Trind BoHo Vibes Balearic Blue bottle

“Balearic Blue is the darkest color in this summer collection, but that does not make it less cheerful. The teal blue color reminiscent of the Balearic Sea that surrounds the island of love and happiness. It is a tough color that you can also wear well in the autumn.”

Trind BoHo Vibes Balearic Blue hand holding bottle

This beautiful color is a bit too dark for the summer in my opinion but it is really gorgeous. The formula is somewhat on the thin side, so you have to pay attention to the fact that you can’t work in thick layers. Despite the somewhat thin formula, the pigmentation is fine, on the swatch you can see two thin layers leaving a fully opaque result. This color also results in a beautiful mirror-smooth finish.

Sunset Ashram

Trind BoHo Vibes Sunset Ashram bottle

“Meet us at the Sunset Ashram for the most beautiful sunset on the island. Sit down and relax. Enjoy the music of the in-house DJ in the background while the sun slowly drops into the sea. The sky turns bright red. The same color as the red shade on your nails. “

Trind BoHo Vibes Sunset Ashram hand holding bottle

A classic red fits always and in every season. Although red does not compliment my skin tone, the color is very beautiful. On the swatch you only see a thin layer and that makes Sunset Ashram is completely opaque.

Summer of Love

Trind BoHo Vibes Summer of Love bottle

“Summer of Love is a warm, deep yellow color that is beautiful with a tanned skin. Yellow is a color that radiates energy and that’s exactly the type of woman we had in mind while developing the color. A unique woman full of self-confidence Who is not afraid to stand out. An authentic Ibiza-style hippie. “

Trind BoHo Vibes Summer of Love hand holding bottle

Although Summer of Love is described as a yellow color, it also tends to be a soft orange shade. This kind of color gives me an instant summer vibe, love it! Summer of Love is a bit sheer, on the swatches you see three thin layers, fortunately it dries quickly so it’s not that big of an issue.

The Trind Caring Color nail polishes do not only look amazing on the nail but they take care of them at the same time. Trind’s brushes are really very nice. They are of a good quality, not too wide and neatly cut, allowing you to work very precise with them.

Trind BoHo Vibes Happy Hippie brush

The Trind BoHo Vibes collection has been released as a limited edition so be quick if you want to buy there beauties! The bottles contain 9ml and cost € 10.15 each, they are available in Trind’s webshop.

Fijn weekend!


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