This was 2015

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I wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful New Year! I hope all your dreams will come true.

This week Nailfinity exists already two years, time flies! Ever since I saw the movie Julie & Julia I had the idea to start a blog but the subject was always an issue. I shared photos of new polishes over the internet with friends who lived across Europe. So basically the idea to start a polish blog was born. I had never dare to dream that two years later I would still be blogging and certainly not that it would be such a huge success.
This is all possible thanks to you! Without readers, a blogger is nowhere. THANKS that you visit my blog with so many people on a daily basis!!

In this article I will briefly summarize 2015 so that we can together start a new year full of incredible new nail polish collection, products, press releases and nail art tutorials.


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Not only do want to thank all my readers but also the companies and brands that I have the privilege of working with over the past year. It’s so nice to be appreciated, and that there is confidence that you can present their product well. There was also a collaboration that was not the success we both hoped it would be, it is nice that you can go your own ways again with respect for both sides. Fortunately there was only one this year, the product just did not seem to fit well with my blog, that can happen.

Most collaborations went so well from both sides that they will continue in 2016! Exciting! I’m definitely looking forward to it again.


Statistics are very important to a blogger, they show brands or companies if you can be a valuable addition to their PR pool.

I am very proud of the following statistics!

  • 326% more sessies in 2015
  • 1.184% more unique visitors
  • 343% more pageviews

2015 post countries

Most visitors are from the United States, the Netherlands and 134 other countries! The blue-colored countries indicate that there are visitors coming from. Very surreal to realize that there are people on the other side of the world who regularly come back to my blog!

This year I have placed 2064 new photos on my blog which together accounted for almost 4 GB of data! If I were to print all photos and would lay them next to each other then that is good for almost half a mile!

I decided in 2015 to post daily a new article and sometimes even to place several articles per day. I have posted a total of 487 articles of which 52 nail art tutorials.

I have received more than 36 000 spam messages and almost 100 000 unsuccessful login attempts and generated more than 1200 GB traffic on my blog.

Also, I made 14 new friends through blogging! And unfortunately one person that has disappointed me badly.


OPI Color Paints all bottles in a circle

In 2015 i have received quite a lot of wonderful products that I got in for testing. I myself bought a lot, got a lot to review, photographed for brands.

The main products for my blog are of course the nail polishes. In 2015 I got 441 new polishes. These polishes comes from 35 different collections of 12 different brands.

I’ve used nine bottles of nail polish remover, four remover jars with sponges from the Hema, one of the Etos and one of W7. In the battle I have also lost 64 rolls of kitchen towels (ideal surface to protect my table), six bags of cotton balls, four Hema eyeshadow brushes (perfect to clean the skin after nail art), 8 bottles of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat, 23 nails (thank god for gel and acrylics), five jars of OPI Natural Base Coat, 3 tubes of hand cream, 2 jars Lush Lemony Flutter and one Canon Lens.

That’s quite a lot 😀

High points

Well, that’s actually pretty difficult. When I think about it quite a lot of things pop into my mind but when I have to make a top three that would be as follows:

  1. Succesfull collaborations
  2. Over 1000 followers on Instagram
  3. A major growth in my Analytics stats

Low points

Unfortunately there are also low points, now I have to say that it is much harder to think of low points than high points. Here they are:

  1. The fact that my Canon 50mm lens died during shooting of products that need to be published online. Only to find out that the lens that I want is sold out everywhere and I had to wait days.
  2. I am seriously disappointed in one fellow blogger. I will not go into the details, it happened, that’s no turning back. A lesson valuable learned.
  3. The bottle of red holographic nail polish that I skillfully emptied in my bed was not a party.

Not bad eh?


Oh this is another tough one. I have so much cool stuff that it is very difficult to choose a favorite. So I make a top five.

  1. Color Club We’ll Never Be Royals, need I say more? The coolest multichrome EVER.
    Color Club We'll Never Be Royals hand holding bottle
  2. Color Club Cloud Nine, this one was on my wishlist for years!
    Color Club Cloud Nine hand holding bottle
  3. OPI Stick it Out, awesome shade, great system.
    OPI Stick it Out hand holding bottle
  4. Layla Black as Ebony, gorgeous mirror.
    Layla Black as Ebony hand holding bottle
  5. Layla Ocean Rush, blue and a holo, does it get any better?
    Layla Ocean Rush hand holding bottle in halogen

Goals in 2016

My plans for 2016 are to make more great articles for you to read. I want to look at the possibilities to create professional video tutorials. Perhaps makeup looks? And to continue the growth that was created in 2015 and increase it. More collaborations, perhaps a new layout, visit events, help other bloggers. And especially have a lot of fun because that is the most important thing I think!

I want to thank you again very much for your support and loyalty over the past year. I hope you keep visiting in 2016. If you have suggestions, ideas, complaints, questions or comments please let me know! To express my appreciation I give away a truly gorgeous Aura by Swarovski jewel lipgloss, click here to see how you can win it.

Swarovski gloss gloss in box