Layla No Lamp Gel Polish

Layla No Lamp bottles

We all know the “no lamp gel polishes”, many brands have these polishes in their range. But are they really gel polishes? No, they all miss the UV sensitive ingredients that makes polish a gelpolish. Are they bad product? No absolutely not! However, Layla launched a revolutionary product. These polishes are indeed gel polishes that can be used without a lamp! Do you want to know more? Read on!

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Layla Purple Rain

Layla Purple Rain hand holding bottle with sticker

Recently the tragic news came that Prince was deceased. Another icon removed from the world of great music. When this beautiful polish arrived a few weeks ago it reminded me of the iconic song by Prince, but then no one could expect that he would be taken away from us so soon.

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Nailed it pro! Pigments, glitters & more

Working with Pigments final

Pigments are everywhere nowadays, especially the mermaid pigments are hot and happening at the moment. Yet it occurred to me that many nail technicians do not know how to work with them. That is why today I have made a pro tutorial in which I show how to work with different types of pigments and glitter in combination with a gelpolish but it is also possible with a hard gel or acrylic.

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