Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue

Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue bottle
Today I’ll show you this lovely teal crème polish by Rimmel.

Rita Ora and Rimmel worked together on this great make-up collection. The collection holds 12 stunning nail polishes and 6 lipglosses.


Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue is a vibrant teal crème nail polish. The color is almost the same as the well known portable toilets you often see on festivals and building sites. They are working on the water pipes in my back yard and they do have such a toilet and I can tell you that the color is definitely the same.


Courtesy of: SBPRestrooms

Given that Rita Ora has drawn her inspiration from music festivals the link between the toilet and the nail polish is clearer. On the nail the color is a tad darker than in the bottle.

Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue hand holding bottle


The formula of this Port-a-Loo Blue is very good. It’s thickness is almost perfect which makes that application goes without effort. The opacity is superb, with only one thin coat you have a nice and complete opaque finish. Application is great, it levels out great and doesn’t run into the cuticles.
Don’t forget a good basecoat because it’s heavily pigmented and will definitely discolor you nails.Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue closeup nails

The Rimmel bottles hold a fairly wide brush. The brush is of a good quality and neatly cut. Of all the budget polishes I’ve tried so far Rimmel has the best brushes.
When you have a small nail bed I can imagine that such a wide brush isn’t great. You can turn the brush and paint your nails with the smaller side of the brush.Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue bottle and brush


Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue has a great shiny finish, just as all the other polishes from this collection. On the swatches I didn’t apply a separate topcoat. According to Rimmel this polish will last for 10 days without damage. Well that’s a bit enthusiastic, I’ve managed to keep it till 6 days and that is not bad at all!

With a matte topcoat it’s a bit tempered. I like this color with the matte finish as well as the shiny finish. I cannot choose 😉

Rimmel Port-a-Loo Blue hand holding bottle matte topcoat

This was the last polish from the Rimmel Rita Ora collection on my blog, next week I’ll start with another budget proof nail polish.

You can buy this gorgeous polish at Superdrug.

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