Rimmel Bestival Blue

Rimmel Bestival Blue bottle
Today I’ll show you another gorgeous shade from the Rimmel Rita Ora collection.

The collaboration between Rimmel and Rita Ora resulted in a beautiful make-up collection that hold also 12 lovely spring nail polishes. Rimmel claims that this polish will last for at least 10 days, well that’s a bit enthusiastic but I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Rimmel polishes!


Rimmel Bestival Blue is a light lilac shade with a heavy blue undertoon. This is a kind of shade that lots of brand use in their spring collection and almost always it’s a crème polish. The color in the bottle and on the nail don’t so much difference.

Rimmel Bestival Blue hand holding bottle

This color reminded me immediately of China Glaze Boho Blues, which I reviewed earlier on my blog.  This Bestival Blue is almost an exact dupe op Boho Blues.

Rimmel Bestival Blue and ChG Boho Blues bottles
China Glaze Boho Blues is a tad darker that the Rimmer but that’s so minimal that if you would wear these mixed on one hand nobody would notice that.

Rimmel Bestival Blue comparison with ChG Boho Blues
Although China Glaze is a bit more expensive than Rimmel I do favour Rimmel over China Glaze. The formula of Bestival Blue is way better than the formule of China Glaze Boho Blues.
If you like this color I do recommend you to get the Rimmel version.


It’s formula is really very good. The thickness is almost perfect! On all swatches I’ve applied only 1(!) thin coat. Application goes without effort and it levels perfectly so you’ll end up with a nice and smooth manicure that hides even small blemishes on the natural nail.

The brushes on the Rimmel polishes are quite wide but I like that. The brush in this particular bottle was cut in a good way so it’s easy to make a neat manicure with it.
If you have small nails and wide brushes are a problem, turn the brush so you can use the smaller side of the brush.

Rimmel Bestival Blue open bottle with brush

Just as Rimmel Peachella and Rimmel Roll in the Grass, this Bestival Blue dries to a beautiful glossy finish. On the swatches I didn’t apply a topcoat so you can the original finish of this polish. Even though it has that gorgeous glossy finish I do recommend you to apply a separate topcoat so you can prolong the wear time of your manicure.
Rimmel claims that this polish will stay in place for 10 days, well not for me. On day 5 I only had some minor tipwear.

And of course I added my matte topcoat on this lovely color. I LOVE my matte topcoat with crèmes 😉
The matte topcoat makes it a bit lighter but it seems to give the color more depth.

Rimmel Bestival Blue hand holding bottle matte

Even though it doesn’t stay in place for the promised 10 days it’s not at all a bad nail polish. It’s formula is perfect, the color is great and it stays in place for at least 5 days, at least on my nails. So I think it’s a very good polish for the price you have to pay for it.

These Rimmel polishes hold 8ml and you can buy them at Superdrug.

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