OPI Spoken from the Heart

OPI Spoken from the Heart bottle name

“I have deep feelings for this pretty coral.”

No matter how old you are, Hello Kitty is still adorable. This cute cartoon character now has her own OPI nail polish collection. On February 20 I showed the press release in which OPI announces the Hello Kitty collection. The collection consists of 12 limited edition polishes in sweet pink hues but also some bright colors.

The collection consists of the following colors:


OPI Spoken from the Heart is a beautiful coral-colored cream polish. The color has a nice, warm hue and is really perfect for a hot summer day. This kind of color works for almost everyone. I do like coral colors, I do not like red on my nails but a nice coral, and certainly the ones that leans more toward pink, I can always appreciate.

OPI Spoken from the Heart hand holding bottle 2

The photo above was taken in the studio but in daylight it is also very beautiful.

OPI Spoken from the Heart hand holding bottle daylightFormula

OPI Spoken from the Heart is very thin, unfortunately, you have to really be careful that you do not work in thick layers as is quickly floods into the cuticles. Fortunately, it does not leave stains on the skin, so if it floods the cuticles, you can easily clean it up. The coverage is good, I applied two very thin layers on the swatches and that is enough for an even and fully opaque whole. Because it is on the thin side it levels out nicely so you do get a nice smooth finish.

OPI Spoken from the Heart hand holding bottle

The bottle is slightly different than you’re used to by OPI. The standard black cap features a film showing little Hello Kitty heads. Super cute! And that way you can easily find the collection in your stash.

OPI Spoken from the Heart bottle and brush

The brush is the well known Pro-Wide brush. It’s a pretty wide brush that fans out nicely across the nail. If you have a narrow nail bed than such a broad brush is not always nice to work with, in which case you can turn the brush.


I do not apply a topcoat on the swatches so you can see the original finish. To extend the durability you can apply a glossy topcoat. The difference between the original finish and a shiny topcoat is not visible. All photos you see above are taken without a topcoat and below I did apply a topcoat.

OPI Spoken from the Heart closeup nails

On the swatch below I have applied the OPI Matte Top Coat, this gives Spoken from the Heart a softer appearance but it is still very beautiful.

OPI Spoken from the Heart matte finish hand holding bottle

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I hope you have a great day!

-X- Tamara