OPI Charmmy & Sugar

OPI Charmmy & Sugar bottle

“Sparkly pink for pretty pets.”

In February I got an e-mail from OPI announcing their Hello Kitty by OPI collection. I was immediately attracted to it, the collection contains a lot of pink shades and glitter, can it be any better than this? Hello Kitty by OPI celebrates all things happy, cute, colorful and sweet with 12 limited-edition polishes and matching GelColor shades.

This collection consists of the following polishes:


OPI Charmmy & Sugar has a light pink base color that has a gorgeous pink pearl shine to it. The polish is packed with a subtle blue micro glitter and bigger pink, silver and blue hex glitter. It’s a very shiny polish with a sweet look.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar closeup nail

On the macro shot below you can clearly see all the colors and glitter.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar macro


For a polish which contains so much glitter has OPI Charmmy & Sugar it still has a very nice formula, its thickness almost perfect. The glitter spreads evenly over the nail so you don’t have to apply it by dabbing. If you apply it over a base color one thin layer will be sufficient. To make it completely opaque, you need three thin layers.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar hand holding bottle

OPI Charmmy & Sugar contains the famous Pro-Wide brush. This is a very nice brush of good quality. It is quite wide so it can be difficult if you have a very narrow nail bed, you can turn brush so that you can work with the narrow side.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar bottle & brush


Due to the large amount of glitter this polish contains it dries with a light structure. Because the finish isn’t that rough you can give it a nice smooth finish with just one thin coat of a thicker topcoat.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar closeup nails

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