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This summer we tour along the California coast with the 12 colors of the California Dreaming collection.

Feel the atmosphere of OPI’s home state with a palette of fun, adventurous colors, which are the ideal accessory for a day of surfing, mountain hiking or wine tasting in Napa.

From San Diego to San Francisco, you’ll see a variety of breathtaking views: active adventurers in yoga outfit and Hollywood stars in full glam, the Californian fashion is truly unique.  And when it comes to food, there’s something tasty for everyone. The California Dreaming Collection offers a beautiful line from nudes to bordeaux, with gold and anthracite – ideal for nail art and exciting combinations. You get a taste of the beauty that’s all over the Golden State.

The collection consists of the following 12 colors:

OPI California Dreaming This is Not Whine Country

“The merlot the merrier I always say.”

OPI California Dreaming GPD I Love You

“I couldn’t have pinked a sweeter travelling companion.”

OPI California Dreaming Malibu Pier Pressure

“This cotton candy pink has a very persuasive vibe.”

OPI California Dreaming To the Mouse House We Go!

“This magic red is for kissable lips, polka dots bows and tempting apples.”

OPI California Dreaming Me, Myselfie & I

“But enough about me, doesn’t this coral look good in my selfie?”

OPI California Dreaming Santa Monica Beach Peach

“Go ahead and hit the beach, this punchy orange has your back.”

OPI California Dreaming Time for a Napa

“It’s always the right moment for this bubbly hot coral.”

OPI California Dreaming Excuse Me, Big Sur!

“This rose may be soft, but it’s not afraid to speak up.”

OPI California Dreaming Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia

“Finding the perfect peach is a tall order.”

OPI California Dreaming Feeling Frisco

“This nude’s bound to put you in a Bayful mood.”

OPI California Dreaming Sweet Caramel Sunday

“You’re always a treat in this glistening gold.”

OPI California Dreaming Don't Take Yosemite For Granite

“Of quartz not! Everone appreciates this shimmering slate.”

OPI California Dreaming model

The California Dreaming collection is available as regular polish and Infinite Shine. There are also several mini pack.
The entire collection is also available as GelColor, you can find them at your local OPI salon.

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