Nailed it! Holo New Year!

Holo New Year final

The old year runs to an end. The time of fireworks, champagne and new years resolution dawns (did you know that this blog has also started as new years resolution!), and that of course includes a matching nail art designs.

Holo New Year supplies

I have used the following products:

Step 1

Holo New Year step 1

Always start with a good basecoat and when that’s dry you paint your nails black.

Step 2

Holo New Year step 2

Place a silver drop with the dotting tool.

Step 3

Holo New Year step 3

With the brush pull lines out of the drop.

Step 4

Holo New Year step 4

Place two fireworks on each nail except for the ring and middle finger place just one on them.

Step 5

Holo New Year step 5

On the middle finger you place a 2 and a 0 and on the ring finger you place a 1 and a 6.

Step 6

Holo New Year step 6

Place in the middle of the silver fireworks a drop of any holographic polish. Also pull this drop outwards in fine lines.

Step 7

Holo New Year step 7

Reply this with all the fireworks.

Step 8

Holo New Year step 8

Use a light colored holo to trace the numbers.

Step 9

Holo New Year step 9

When everything is dry you top your design off with a good basecoat.

Shopping List


  • OPI Natural Basecoat,, OPI dealer – $9.50
  • OPI My Gondola or Yours?, OPI dealer – $9.50
  • OPI My Signature is “DC”, is discontinued but every silver polish will do.
  • Color Club Blue Heaven, Pretty Polish – 9,95
  • Color Club Over the Moon, , Pretty Polish – 9,95 – 9,95
  • Color Club Miss Bliss, Pretty Polish – 9,95
  • Color Club Eternal Beauty, Pretty Polish – 9,95
  • Layla Brilliant Due Topcoat, Djasa – €7,95
  • dottingtools, BornPretty – $4.74
  • striper penseel, BornPretty – $4.74

Born Pretty allows me to offer my visitors a 10% discount .Use the following coupon code with your order: DDB10.

Born Pretty ships their product fast and free worldwide!

I hope that you’ve liked this tutorial.

Have a great Sunday!


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