Layla Metal Plum

Layla Metal Plum Bottle

Today I’ll show you another striking chrome polish from the Layla Mirror Effect collection.

Chrome polishes are not new, but there are few that are really good. My first encounter with this type of polish was with OPI Push & Shove, a silver chrome. I was sold immediately and began my search for other colors but I could not find one that was as beautiful as the OPI. Until I received a polish from the Layla Mirror Effect collection, these polsihes are really insanely cool!

The Mirror Effect collection contains the following colors:


Layla Metal Plum is a purple color that gets a cool appearance by the silver glow that it has all over it. It is one of the most perfect colors from the Mirror Effect collection.

Layla Metal Plum Hand Holding Bottle


The formula of Layla Metal Plum is a bit on the thin side but is nevertheless rather easy to apply. The coverage is insanely good, with a very thin layer it is completely opaque. A chrome finish emphasizes all blemishes in the nail, it is advisable to buff your nails before applying the polish for the best effect.

Layla Metal Plum Bottle and brush

The Mirror Effect polishes come with very good brushes, they are cut off straight and of good quality. It also takes up plenty of polish so you can sometimes even paint two nail without having to pick up more polish.


Layla Metal Plum is completely dry in very short time. The Mirror Effect polishes are really my go-to polishes when I last minute need to paint my nails. Within five minutes you can do everything again because the polish is dry and hard.
The finish is very cool, it’s a sort of brushed steel look. This kind of finishes are very vulnerable to damage because you’re wearing it without a topcoat, the topcoat does eliminate the mirror effect.

Layla Metal Plum Closeup Nails

Layla Metal Plum contains 10ml and costs €12,95, you can purchase it at Pretty Polish.

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