Essence Sunny London

Essence Sunny London bottle

This beauty comes from the Pastels collection.

Recently I’ve been send two polishes, it was a mistake since I didn’t order these particular polishes, because they still are very very nice, I decided to keep them. Last week I showed you essence Ice to Meet You, this comes from the same collection.


Essence Sunny London has a totally different color than the name suggests. It is a light cream with a cool gray tone. It reminds me in terms of color more of London on a Rainy Day😉

Essence Sunny London hand holding bottle


The formula is quite nice in terms of thickness. It is a pity that it is so chalky making it not very easy to apply.

Essence Sunny London closeup nails

The brushes of the essence Trend Edition polishes are very very nice. It is cut off straight so that you could work with very pleasant.

Essence Sunny London bottle and brush


Essence Sunny London of itself has a nice matte finish. Only through the chalky formula it does not level out very neatly so that you actually must use a topcoat.

Essence Sunny London shiny finish hand holding bottle

On the photo above I have applied a glossy topcoat on the swatches and as you see it actually very smooth.

I love this shade and the price-quality ratio of the essence products is really very good.

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