Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter

Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter shadow logo

You couldn’t miss the rainbow highlighter on social media the past few months. On Etsy a hand-made rainbow highlighter was available which gave a sensational effect. The product was immensely popular and it was sold out as soon as the seller added new stock to her page. Essence jumped into this hype and came with this Prismatic Rainbow highlighter.

The highlighter with the appropriate name, 01 Be a Unicorn, consists of four colors ranging from warm to a very cool shade.

Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter closed

The packaging is simple, but through the transparent lid the product is well visible and it looks a bit special. On first sight the colors aren’t shades that I would choose to wear as a highlighter.

Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter macro

I would rather use the pink and salmon shades as a glowy blush than a highlighter. The yellow shade I find a bit tricky as it does not really fit my skin tone and I think the blue shade is a bit intense for everyday use.

Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter open

All those colors do look very nice together! The highlighter has a nice formula, it’s non-powdery, something you often see with budget highlighters. The highlighter is not particularly well-pigmented, but for a highlighter I really think it’s only beneficial, you want a glow and not an excessive color.

Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter no flash

On the picture above you can see some finger swatches. The picture was taken without flash in daylight. From left to right you see the pink color, this is obviously better suited as a blush than as a highlighter. The salmon color can be used as both blush and highlighter. The yellow shade looks better than I thought initially, it gives a very subtle color. The blue color is really a pretty icy shade that is very beautiful but still something too striking for everyday use.

Essence Prismatic Rainbow highlighter flash

On this shot taken with a flash you can see that all colors have a decent glow. The swatch on the far right is the result of mixing all four colors and I think that’s really beautiful! It shines well without adding a striking color. It is somewhat on the cool side, but I can appreciate that from time to time.

Did you join the unicorn bandwagon yet?

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