Essence Crunchy Cake

Essence Crunchy Cake bottle

This lovely purple nail polish comes from The Nudes collection by Essence. Read on for swatches.

The nude shades are still hot & happening this fall season. Essence dedicated an entire collection to this nude trend. The collection consists of 12 beautiful nude shades, I have managed to get 6 of them and I’ll share them with you on Mondays.

The collection consists of the following colors:


Essence Crunchy Cake is a beautiful taupe/purple color. For me purple isn’t a nude but it is still a very cute shade.

Essence Crunchy Cake hand holding bottle

In the bottle you can see a lovely shimmer, I had read previously that the shimmer is not visible on the nail. Fortunately, that is not true, it is visible. It’s a very subtle shimmer that’s visible in a somewhat brighter light source. Below you can see a macro shot of the polish on my nails and as you can see the shimmer is really visible.

Essence Crunchy Cake macro


Its formula is very pleasant, application goes without effort. The polish levels out neatly so that you will end up with a very smooth surface. The coverage is very good, on the swatches I’ve applied just two thin coats. One drawback, it dries very slowly, even with thin layers it takes a long time before it’s dry.

Essence Crunchy Cake closeup nails
The brushes that comes with these polishes are not bad at all. It’s a nice brush to work with. The hairs are cut off straight which makes it easier to apply the polish.

Essence Crunchy Cake bottle & brush


The finish you see in the pictures above is that of the polish itself, I haven’t applied a topcoat. It has a gorgeous high-gloss finish. However, a topcoat is necessary to endure the wear. Without a topcoat I had chips and tipwear that very same day.

With a matte finish Essence Crunchy Cake is also very beautiful, the shimmer is no longer visible but the color is looking so nice.

Essence Crunchy Cake hand holding bottle matte finish

The Essence products are actually quite good considering their prices. This polish only costs about $2!
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