Essence Adventskalender dag 24

Essence Advent Calendar Day 24

Today I open the last box of the essence Advent Calendar.

Essence gold bag door

The essence Advent Calendar contains 24 small, fun gifts. Every day you can open a box while you count down to Christmas in a fun way. Each calendar has the same content but it may have a different order. Every day I will write a mini review about the gift of that day.

Below is the list of all the products, I will update this on a daily basis.


The final box is a large one with double doors. In that box I found a golden make-up bag. It is a fabric bag that is packed with gold glitter on the outside. It’s perfect for storing your make-up for your Christmas parties! He shines very nicely.
It does have one drawback … everything is covered in glitter when you touch it.


Essence gold bag

This was the last gift from the essence Advent Calendar. I really liked it,  of all the presents there was only one polish which I did not like. Not bad at all and next year I will review it again for you.

I wish you a merry Christmas!

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