Color Club Kismet

Color Club Kismet bottle

Today I show you yet another perfect gold holographic polish, this time it’s a Color Club polish.

The Halo Hues 2013 collection features six beautiful, holographic polishes. These are so-called linear holo’s which means that a rainbow effect on the nails appears once immediately exposed to light. The effect is caused by spectraflair, this precious ingredient refracts light so that a beautiful prism effect becomes visible. Unfortunately, the coolest holographic polishes are also the most expensive but they are definitely worth it.

The collection consists of the following colors:


Color Club Kismet is a light gold holographic polish. The color is very subtle, and is almost not visible as the rainbow effect is showing. The effect is beautiful but not too overly present and that makes something more subtle than his brothers from the same collection.

Color Club Kismet hand holding bottle


Color Club Kismet slightly on the thin side but despite that you can work neatly with it. Note that you are not working in thick layers otherwise it could flood into the cuticles. The coverage is very good for such a light color, I applied two very thin layers on the swatches and that is enough for a smooth and opaque whole.
The rainbow effect is best achieved on a smooth nail. It is really worthwhile to buff your nails before applying it.

Color Club Kismet closeup nails

The Color Club brushes I find very enjoyable. It is no too broad, which again is nice if you have a small nail bed. The brush flows, with a little more pressure, very neatly on the nail so you sometimes can finish a nail in just one stroke.

Color Club Kismet bottle and brush


Kismet dries very quickly, you can after the first layer directly apply the second layer. It dries at a moderate shine. Normally I always said that I apply no topcoat onto a holo because they neutralize the effect. Until I got the Layla Brilliant Due topcoat sent and thereby was stated that it also would go along with a holo and it’s true! Last week I wrote an extensive review on this fine topcoat. However, at the moment of shooting I had this topcoat not in my possession, the swatches are therefore without topcoat!

Below is a macro shot of the polish on my nail.

Color Club Kismet macro
Color Club Kismet contains 15ml and costs €9,95. You can purchase it at Pretty Polish.

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