Color Club Ice Breaker

Color Club Ice Breaker bottle

Icebreaker is one of the seven colors from the Color Club Oil Slick collection. Today I’ll show you the swatches.

Recently, Color Club has released the Oil Slick collection, a beautiful series of seven new colors. These polishes are called trichrome polishes, they have different colors depending on the light.

The collection contains the following colors:


Color Club Ice Breaker clearly shows three colors in the bottle, namely blue, purple and silver, and at some point there is even a fourth green color visible. On the nail the blue color with its silvery glow is clearly dominant but once the light shines from another angle it shows a purple glow. The shift in this polish is very subtle, and I can not track the green color on the nails.

Color Club Ice Breaker hand holding bottle


All Oil Slick polishes have a very nice formula. In terms of thickness it is perfect. On the swatches I have applied two thin layers, you could suffice with one thicker layer. Because the polish isn’t runny, you can also work in thicker layers. Despite being a metallic paint it shows very little brushstrokes and that’s great.

Color Club Ice Breaker closeup nails

The Color Club polishes come with a very nice brush. It is a fairly long and round brush that is not too wide. You can work neatly and precise with this brush. He is also fine for a smaller nail bed. The hairs of the brush are cut off straight and I prefer that in a brush.

Color Club Ice Breaker bottle & brush


The shine that you see in the pictures above is the original finish, I have not applied a separate topcoat. So it has a brilliant high gloss finish and you can wear it without a topcoat, I wore it and on day 3 I had the first chip and some light tipwear.


I love this kind of polishes always very much with a matte topcoat. The color is a little lighter and more subtle but the shift between the different colors is still clearly visible.

Color Club Ice Breaker hand holding bottle matte finish

On the picture below you can see a macro shot from the polish on my nails, it is an extreme closeup. The funny thing here is that you so obviously can see the green color while it is really blue with the naked eye.

Color Club Ice Breaker macro

Color Club Ice Breaker contains 15 and costs €9,95. You can buy this beauty at Pretty Polish.

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