Catrice ICONails

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The trend of so-called hybrid nail polishes has been around for a while and in May of this year Catrice will be launching their collection of those hybrid polishes.

From May 2017 the Ultimate Nail Lacquer collection will be replaced by the ICONails line.

New formula

The innovative ICONails polishes have a unique formula that makes that your manicure will last for up to seven days without the use of a topcoat.

Catrice ICONails green and pink polish in hands

The nail polish is enriched with acai oil that will nourish the nails and is also has a beautiful high-gloss finish due to the GLOSS SEAL’R technology.


With 45 colors it’s quite a large collection in which we find new shades but also a few older colors. The collection also includes a new brush and that’s something I’m very curious about because I did not love about the old Catrice brushes.

Catrice ICONails 1-10 Catrice ICONails 11-20 Catrice ICONails 21-30 Catrice ICONails 31-40 Catrice ICONails 41-45

Gel Top Coat

The ICONails Gel Top Coat with hybrid technology is ideal for sealing the color and enhancing the shine for up to 10 days. This top coat creates a strong gel-shine protective barrier on top of the nail polish to extend its durability.

Catrice ICONails Gel Top Coat

The ICONails collection will be available from May 2017.


I hope you have a great day!