Aveniro Glass Files

Crystal Files stack of files

Glass Files are by far the best files you can find. Recently, I received a set for testing.

Glass Files come in all shapes and sizes and, above all, in different price ranges. Unfortunately, with glass files ultimately cheap is expensive. A good glass file is quite costly but it will last  your life, and your nails really benefit from it. Cheap glass files often wear out and are too coarse to the natural nail.

When Aveniro contacting me if I wanted to test their files I was enthusiastic. The company is based in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is renowned for the quality glass and crystal they produce. Therefore actually it could not be bad, right?

I received the files a while ago and I have tested them extensively. I got three files for testing, a manicure file, a foot file and a small foot file.

Manicure file

Crystal Files nail file

The manicure file is 19.5 cm long file. It is made of high quality glass and has a thickness of 4mm. It is a very decent, and also relatively heavy file. At the end of the file are 3d stickers affixed to ensure that you have a better grip on the file and it does not slip out of your hands.

I use a Herome glass file for quite a long time and I am very pleased about it. I have tested this Aveniro glass file now for a while and I still find it very pleasant. The file has two sides that have structure where Herome has structure on only one side. The advantage of a double structure side is that you can wait longer before you need to wash the file.

Crystal Files hand holding nail file

Most of you will undoubtedly know that a glass file is better for your nails but do you know why that is? The nail plate is composed of layers, the glass file seals the layers thus preventing splitting of the natural nail. A cardboard or a steel file is too rough so that the layers can come loose from each other and so the nail can start peeling.

Below you see an Aveniro glass file at microscopic level, here you can see that the file has a very fine texture.

Aveniro etched file

Source: Aveniro

Below you see a metal file under the microscope, this file has a lot rougher texture.

Aveniro metal sapphire file

Source: Aveniro

This is a cardboard file under the microscope. The structure of this file is too coarse.

Aveniro paper file

Source: Aveniro

This is an inexpensive file made in China wherein the structure is stuck on a base.

Aveniro Chinese file

Source: Aveniro

As you can see the glass file has a very fine structure where the other files are a lot coarser.

This is a microscope image of a nail filed with the various files. Here it is clear that a glass nail file gives a very smooth finish.

Aveniro nails after file

Source: Aveniro

Another advantage is that you can thoroughly clean the file which makes it also very hygienic. I wash my glass files under the tap with some detergent and a brush.

There is also unfortunately a big disadvantage on the glass file, it is very fragile. If you drop it it will break. It´s wise to keep them in their case when not using them.

Large pedicure file

Crystal Files large pedi file

I had also received a large pedicure file. This file has a length of 16.5 cm and is made of 6mm thick glass.
I honestly had not heard of glass files that are suitable to remove calluses from the feet.

This file also has the structure on two sides. The rough side is suitable for removing calluses in an easy way. I must say that this really works very well. I tested several products, from knives and rasps to electric callus file to callus remove patches. Nothing worked for me. I had actually already given up finding a product and even planned to have a good pedicure come until I was testing this Aveniro glass file.

I use it like a bath. The calluses on the skin is already a lot softer and easier to remove. With the coarse side of the file you can easily remove excess calluses. You really do not get everything all at once, but if you do it daily you have in no time beautiful, soft feet.

The file has in addition to the coarse side can also a finer texture with which you can polish the skin after you have have removed the worst calluses. This step allows for super soft feet.

Crystal Files hand holding large pedi file

The pedicure files also last a lifetime. You can easily clean this file making it very hygienic to use.

Small pedicure fileCrystal Files small pedi file

The small pedicure file has exactly the same features as its big brother, only it is a little smaller with 13.5 cm. The small size makes it ideal to take along on trips.

The files are all provided and a protective case. It is wise to keep them in the case so that they remain protected.

Crystal Files stack of files in case

All in all I am very satisfied with the glass files by Aveniro. They sit comfortably in the hand and have a pleasant texture. Both the Aveniro manicure file as well as the Herome lie on my nightstand and I prefer the Aveniro over the Herome file. Due to the 3D sticker it sits more comfortably in the hand than the Herome.

I do not currently know where the Aveniro files will be sold. As soon as I know more about this I´ll certainly let you know. For more information about the files, you can take a look at the website of Aveniro.

This article contains sponsored products. It represents my honest opinion about the product.