Anything can happen Monday, B2 BB Cream

ACHM,B2 BB Cream tube
From now on I’ll review a random beauty product on Monday, it’s not standard so I won’t have an article every Monday. Today I’ll start with the 2B BB Cream.

I wasn’t always a big fan of BB creams. I’ve tried out several creams by several brands but I’ve never found the perfect cream for my skin. The ingredients in some creams made my skin look unhealthy and others were cakey.

Last week I was on holiday in Belgium. I passed a shop and my nail-polish-radar has gone off 🙂 This shop only sold beautyproducts by 2B, I’d never heard of that brand before. Not only did they sell gorgeous nail polishes but they had also a lot of other make-up items. I saw some BB cream and tried out one, and it was the perfect color for my skin. It doesn’t look cakey and my skin doesn’t react badly to it.
It does contain silicone but my skin doesn’t react to that.

ACHM,B2 BB Cream closeup skin
The consistency is very thin but it’s easily to apply to the skin.
ACHM,B2 BB Cream closeup skin
I smeared it roughly, as you can see it remains liquid.
ACHM,B2 BB Cream closeup skin
Here it’s fully smeared out. It’s not cakey at all.

ACHM,B2 BB Cream closeup open tube

I’ve used it for almost a week and decided to buy another tube. The price is ridiculous! I’ve paid only €5,95 for 30 grams! I’ve tried BB creams in the price range from €2,50 till €60 but this 2B cream works best for me.
If you’re sensitive to silicone you better choose another BB cream. It has a SPF of 15 so that’s pretty good.
A big downside is that it contains perfume. It wasn’t a problem for my skin but if you’re sensitive to it it’s not your product. The cream is available in three shades I picked the middle dark color because that works best for my skin.

Check the 2B website for more great products.